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<nettime> Jigsaw Puzzle


Isn't nettime great?  

Posts about the "corruption fighter" Mr. Anwar which never mention his recent 
book in which he paves the "humans-rights-is-a-phony-European-idea" Asian-way 
road and pretends that his economic moves -- which would have utterly 
undermined Malaysia's national sovereignty -- were really about local 
"reform."  This darling of the NYTimes is a threat to which "establishment", 
exactly?  VCDs about "reformasi" will benefit whom, in the final analysis?

Posts about protests in the City of London timed to coincide with the G-8 
meeting to protest "captitalist dominance" paired with G-8 posts that 
highlight the effort to rob nation-states of their ability to control the 
kind of Frankenstein-food which its citizens get to eat.  When the PoGOs rule 
and "human rights" laws block any and all effective action against 
multi-nationals, who will care about wild genetics in the supermarket?

Posts about ICANN as the prototype for world government combine with posts 
that tout efforts to put Internet access in everyone's hands so that they can 
"vote" -- which politically can only lead to further "devolution" and to 
further boosts substantial for world government.

Posts about Chinese and Russian attacks on U.S. embassies which try to 
characterize these actions as simple "nationalism" while, at the same time, 
"internationalism" is at work in the Balkans bombing the people it claims to 
be saving and violating every international law on the books by bypassing the 
U.N. Security Council and illegally attacking a once sovereign nation.

Does anything come into focus through all this haze?  Irony?  Contradictions?

Hello, is anybody out there?

Mark Stahlman

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