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<nettime> Re: quotable moments

At 6:05 PM -0000 5/26/99, brian carroll wrote:
>  my favorite political quotable moment
>  was from Bob Dole's election run in the USA.
>  Dole was at a "paperclip" factory, .. and
>  he gave a prepared platform speech declaring
>  the future of the "paperless office" as a
>  goal of his administration, ie: that paper
>  would be an obsolete medium. the workers in
>  the audience didn't know what to make of him
>  and few clapped in support of his vision..

My cousin's husband, who is a bigwig in a local union and fights for decent
wages, has invested heavily in a product manufactured in a third-world
country where the labor is cheaper. When I asked him about it he was

Well, you know,

"We're all crazy here, living in America"
--Black 47


Robbin Murphy

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