Slobodan Markovic on Thu, 27 May 1999 17:08:51 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Strange News From Another Star

    Whooow! It was a hot night in Belgrade (a.k.a. Bombay)!

    Around 02:10 am I opened the window to breath some fresh air, when
    I heard the TERRIBLE noise of planes flying over... On the moonlight
    I saw two jets, flying at around 2000 meters, heading towards the
    southern suburbs of the city. A moment after that, HEAVY AA fire
    struck them! The whole sky was burning! The mixed noise of AA fire
    and planes flying over was almost unbearable... On the horizon, one
    plane started to drop IC decoys, but I could not spot the rocket
    chasing him...

    53 missiles fell in total! Two in my neighborhood! One of those
    did not exploded (I heard only a lightning-like CRACK sound). Army
    blocked the whole area and now they are deactivating it... The second
    one was apparently hit by the AA defence and it exploded in the air
    over my neighborhood. I heard that one man in my street was hurt
    by the missile fragment.

    Two civilian houses were totally devastated in Ralja, a village near
    Belgrade (one woman and two little girls were killed). More than 15
    missiles fell on Batajnica suburb (mostly hitting military airfield
    for the zillionth time). Also, the Strazevica hill in Rakovica
    suburb was hit. NATO acknowledged only two days ago that Strazevica
    hill was the target (according to them, there is an AA command
    center there), but to my counting it was at least 35th time
    Strazevica was bombed in the last two months.

    ...And all of that only in one night... I predict that the following
    night will be even worse (every time Victor Chernomyrdin comes or
    leaves Belgrade, NATO "greets" him with a heavy bombing raid).

    Oh, and one more thing... British band Blur is an |ABSOLUTE| hit in
    Belgrade these days! Here's why:


       Blur singer Damon Albarn refused permission for the US military
       to unveil their latest stealth bomber to the strains of the
       band's brilliant Song 2. The track, featured on their Blur album
       gave the band their biggest US hit and was even used in an
       episode of the Simpsons.

       But when the Pentagon asked to use the track and its famous
       "Wah-hoo" chorus at the launch of a new stealth bomber, the
       band refused.

       "It was for the official unveiling of the Stealth bomber that
       just got shot down in Serbia," says Albarn. "I like the idea of
       some Serb going 'wah-hoo' after that!"



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