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nettime-nl: Financing the Next Millenium (Aschenbach September 25-27)

Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 23:50:23 +0200
From: T. Dokter <>
Subject: Financing the Next Millenium

F.N.M. (Financing the Next Millenium)
by Raul Marroquin 
September 25 to September 27 1998
Gallery Aschenbach in Amsterdam presents:

F.N.M. a three-day interdisciplinary event by media artist Raul Marroquin.
This project is the last of a trilogy that the artist has been working on
in the last years:

1)"CAUTION Chapter I Armed  Confrontations" Gallery Aschenbach 1996

2) i   TM  Symbols of the Past or the rules of the Future at Open Space
in Amsterdam and now F.N.M.

One of Marroquin's personal goals with the final episode of this trilogy
is to discuss how financially prepared the world is to deal with the
economical challenges of the next millenium, in the reclusive, relaxed and
unconventional settings of an art gallery. With porjects like this, he
also aims to contribute to (what he believes is one of the most important
questions in his profession) the redefinition of the role of the artist in
todays postindustrial society.

Throughout the last years, it has become clear that this sort of informal
events encourage different approaches to the discussion of such important
issues such: as the prohibition of the use of chemical weapons in the case
of "CAUTION Chapter I Armed Confrontations" first in 1996 and  in the
Internet during the exhibition in Open Space in 1997.

F.N.M. combines interviews , debates, round tables, discussions and
presentations that address a wide variety of issues: globalization, open
markets, single regional and universal currencies, the economical gaps
between East and West, North and South (and all of the detailed
intricacies of geoeconomics) the influence of new information and
communications technololies in the financial world, and many other the
questions put by todays rapid changes in economics.

In order to achieve the best results within this particular framework, a
selected group of experts in many of these different areas have been
invited to participate and contribute via the different options available
at Aschenbach Galerry during these three days of F.N.M. Investors,
politicians and civil servants, financial analysts, academics,
journalists, bankers, financers and other representatives of the many
different diciplines that are part of todays financial world. Because of
the same reason, the content of this project has been delegated to a small
group of experts that have developed and implemented the basic ideas
behind F.N.M. Many of the participants and contributors have already
worked in some of the artist's previous projects as well as De Hoeksteen
Live! Television -Marroquin's own six year old, 12 hour long live,
political and financial program for Amsterdam cable television- as well as
his weekly radio show and De HoeksteenNet page in the WWW.  These
individuals and organizations used to Marroquin's ad hoc approach to these
sort of events and users communication technology.

A great deal of the input also comes from "newomers" especially invited
for the event that can take part by been present at the gallery or via
telephone, fax, e-mail moderated news groups, IRC, ICQ and video

Some general subjects have been introduced among paticipants under titles
such as: "Free Markets ... Who's Freedom?" "Euro vs. $, The Match of the
Century."  "Financial Indicators," "The Emerging Markets," "Real Serious
Money for the Next Millenium,"  "Tiger Economies = Paper Tigers, " and
other themes that indicate the way in wich world finances will be heading
at the turn of the century as well as those that will be included in the
debate throughtout the weekend.

Flexibility and improvisation are both integral components of F.N.M.
features as "Lattest Financial News" and "Breaking News" are also a part
of the options available during F.N.M.

User Communications, Community Services and Public Access are an integral
part of the event in orther to assure a maximum of participation of those
that cannot be present at the gallery on those particular dates. IRC, ICQ,
Moderated News Groups, and Point - Point & Multipoint videconferencing are
permantly available in order to make sure that the participation from
groups and individuals outside the perimeter of Amsterdam can participate.

On-Line Dispatches are been regulary transmmited from areas as close as
Amsterdam and as far as New York and Hong Kong on a regular basis All
events are webcasted live and developments are documented and reviewed in
"F.N.M. On-Line" a publication that covers events on an hourly basis URL: "F.N.M. On-Line" also offer links to all
mayor financial on-line services. A hard copy version of this publication
is also available upon request with the latest news throughout the entire
72 hours.

A final CD-Rom will be featured at the end of the event featuring the high
lines, transcripts of discussions and conclusions reached at the end of
it. Most events are cablecasted live via Salto (Amsterdam cable operator)
for the city's metropolitan area and those that are not possible because
of the Station's regular programming will be cablecasted later.

In-house audio and video channels keep both partcipants and visitors alike
updated on events taking place at the gallery, the latest financial
developments as well as events that might influence world markets. F.N.M.
also includes an exhibition of works by the artist namely: objects, wall
works, displays, installations, projections, single channel audio and
video works, prints, multiples, ready-mades and limited editions. Raul
Marroquin was born in Bogota, Colombia, in 1948 and has lived in the
Netherlands since 1971. He has worked with film, video and photography as
well as installations. He is considered one of the pioneers of video art
in the Netherlands. In the early 70s while been a student at the Jan van
Eyck Academie in Maastricht he published Fandangos, one of the first
artists magazines in the world that included many of the Fluxus and
conceptual artist of that period. In 1980 he produced a The Link his
first, live, satellite, interactive project connecting Manhattan Cable and
Amsterdam cable television. Since 1991 he has produced the Hoeksteen Live!
(radio and television). He lectures in universities and art academies in
several European countries, North and South America and contributes with
artiucles and essays in several special intrest magazines both hardcopy
and on-line. His work form part of public and private collections all over
the world.

The gallery is open to the public from 10.00. to 22.00. on Saturday and
Sunday and by appointment. Opening: Friday September 25. 20.00. hours. For
more information please contact: F.N.M. Gallery Aschenbach
Bilderdijkstraat 165c. 1053KP Amsterdam The Netherlands. Tel: + 31 20
6853580 Fax: + 31 20 6890009

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