Darko Fritz on Tue, 4 May 1999 20:43:24 +0200 (CEST)

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nettime-nl: 'The Minus 0 Between 0 and 1'

'The Minus 0 Between 0 and 1'
 Saturday 8th May 99
 20.00 - 0.1.00 hrs.
Adm. 5,- INCL. Dinner: 20,-
Location: Baby, Keizersgracht 676, Amsterdam 020.5306666

a.o. Darko Fritz, Natascha Hagenbeek, Robin Brouwer, Body Weather
Laborartory, Edward, Mark Poysden, Marcel Schmalgemeijer, Jonas Ohlson,
Hisayuki Amae, Oscar Hillfinger.
On one evening the doors of Baby open for bUG.

bUG works multi-presentational, open and in development. It shows
perspectives enlightening contemporay culture before and between its

More on bUG project

Darko Fritz will present 'Airscape' bUG-video-installation and sound
work 'End of the Message'.
More on Darko Fritz's work

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