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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> don't Disassociate Webdesign (as an aspect of appengineering) from Usability

I'll be briefer this time, I promise :-)

On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, geert lovink wrote:

> standardized templates. There is a total victory of the portal aesthetics
> (which in my view even extends to slashdot, the cnn for geeks). I think that

I assume you mean visually? In terms of how it operates, it's
actually more like some sort of D-and-D type game, to me..
(If your karma is high enough, you can post at +2, but then, if
your comment isn't worthy of +2, people will mod you down, so
use that karma point wisely.... )

But, if you mean visually, I guess the next question is, 
"what should Slashdot look like?" It is what it is. We don't
expect newspapers to look like Wired (for lack of a better 
top-of-the-head example).
Should we?

> tell stories. The fact that most flash animations are empty and meaningless
> is not an indication of its conceptual weakness. It rather reflects the
> deeply boring age we are stuck in, deeply devided disciplines and tribes,
> all producing their own perfect self-referential worlds.

Interesting take... ironically I did not read this one before my
last post on the subject, where I blamed boring Flash on 
people breaking out of their deeply divided disciplines and trying
one (animation) in which they had no background.
But, my background is in film and animation - we're trained
to say those things... :-) .... Actually at the same time
I agree with you... the age is boring in that there is not enough
experimentation going on.  Filmmakers didn't get into the web
soon enough because they thought it was boring, or something
for programmers and graphic designers. If they did get
into it, they made web pages just like existing web pages. They
didn't see the web (or the net) as something for them
to experiment with.  A lot of boring Flash looks like other
boring Flash because people think "that's what Flash does."
So things quickly reach a stasis which it becomes difficult to
break out of.

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