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Greetings Nettimers,

Hi --I thought this might interest you --forwarded via Benton Foundation
on the Issues of Arts Online and also includes..the..Judd
Morrissey, "Jew's Daughter," an online story....he presents a startling
alternative to conventional hypertext..a new revolution..

Judd Morrissey's *The Jew's Daughter* is located at

After several years of intense activity, few new digital art works are
appearing. Are artists on a summer break? Are the waiting for the
commissioning spigot to start spewing dollars? Perhaps artists may be taking
time to ponder in which direction they should push the medium next. There
are two new works of note, however. "The Jew's Daughter," an online story by
Judd Morrissey, presents a startling alternative to conventional hypertext
fiction, in which a hyperlinked word or phrase sends a cursor-clicking
reader to another page, where another hyperlinked phrase awaits. Isabel
Chang, a New York artist, did not write the interactive story that appears
on her Web site, but her work is no less original. Her "aspergillum gently"
is a multimedia adaptation of "Pedro Páramo," an existentialist 1955 novel
by the Mexican author Juan Rulfo. [This is the final column in the
Arts@Large series that began with the launch of The New York Times on the
Web in January 1996.]
[SOURCE: CyberTimes, AUTHOR: Matthew Mirapaul (]

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Thank you..

Sincerely yours
Arun Tripathi

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