Stuart Geiger on 6 Aug 2000 20:23:52 -0000

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<nettime> Please Remove your Blockade Now !

Dear Paul Garrin,  It would appear that your are the
State of Oregon Source, that is intentional obstucting
my otherwise easy access web page.  Whatever your goal
in such a message to your fellow Earthlings, is in
material to your obstruction of my personal cash flow,
and a violation of Interplantary Protocol.  Please
e-mail me the address of any of your next akin or
associates that can clear up your unfortunate
situation.  Thank you.  Please accept my condolances
to the family of Mr. Garrin, If this message arrives
to late. If Paul Garrin is still alive; Please correct
your software construction, immediately !   No need to
send money, if you live it will be reward enough. 

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