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nettime: The prank

Here it is . As Hesseltine (uk deputy prime minister) 
is seeking to introduce a privatised mail
service via deregulating the business mail service 
( using the strike as an excuse) lets use this on him.

The prank . Get everyone we know to fill in junk mail forms with
Hesseltines address, if each person can do 20 junk mail requests  we should
be able to hit him with at least a couple of thousand junk mails in the
space of 2 weeks. It will take time for him to get the relevant agencies to
remove his name from the lists , which of course may be sold on to other

A good idea is for a spelling mistake in his name every 4th one just to
make the tracking of the mail more difficult when they do start.

This prank is also going out to snail mail lists as well as friends . Pass
it on and post it up .

Keep a note of what is being sent to him. Best one wins a prize.

Here is that address.

M. Hesseltine
Thenford House
Nr Banbury

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