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>>>> new web site for FUTUREsonic event >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

A web site is being set up for FUTUREsonic that will present selections of 
images, video, text and music representative of the event.

Participants are invited to send contributions to haywire@thelabs.demon.co.uk 

These should primarily be of direct relevance to the conference, although we 
also invite samples of other work, and will consider items from non-
participants if we feel that they engage with or are relevant to the themes of 
the conference.

FUTUREsonic is more than just a single event. It is a process of pushing back 
frontiers and forging alliances. It is an opening towards the FUTURE of 
music, art, theory, technology and pleasure.

The web site will be more than just a window on this process. It will be an 
active site of synthesis and dissemination in its own right.

Advertising and sponsorship enquiries to fsonic@lancaster.ac.uk

>>>>FUTUREsonic - music and technology conference/event>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Time:  Tuesday 17 September 1996     Place:  backtobasics, Leeds, England

FUTUREsonic is a multi-media symposium that aims to explore a range of themes 
resonating between music, technology and culture. Artists, producers, engineers 
and people working in music, as well as theorists, are invited to take part in 
a space for discussion, live experimental sonics and technical demonstrations. 
The horizons of sonic expression, innovations brought about through technology 
and its creative use, and connected cultural developments in music, are 
particular points of interest. The aim is to create a fertile environment for 
the development and dissemination of new ideas and initiatives, by bringing 
together leading figures from different domains.

::  Talks by leading musicians and producers  ::  Presentations of new and 
mutant technology  ::  Interactive environments and the convergence of media - 
extending the dimensions of musical reception  ::  DJs and live PAs  ::  
Multimedia mash ups  ::  Internet links & live wire jamming - simultaneous 
global communication  ::  Networked PCs  ::  Toys for noise - experimental 
music machines and sonic interfaces with which to play  ::  Discussion panels 
with leading international theorists and writers  ::  Sound engineering 
workshops  ::  Experimental soundscapes  ::  Digital art  ::  Dance ("messy 
art")  ::  Drinking and loud behaviour

>the horizons of sonic expression: directions and diffusions  >tracing non-
linear histories of music and mapping the sonic web  >music production and 
computer technology: techniques and new vistas  >digitalisation: beyond the 
organic/synthetic divide  >the human-machine interface: creativity in the 
machinic age  >'multi-media': synergy or compromise?  >sampledelia and 
originality: the re-routing of the past into the present  >commercialism 
and the micro-politics of music and dance culture

FUTUREsonic is being run in conjunction with the theory conference THINKING 
ALIEN investigating the impact of technology on art and culture to be held 
at Leeds University on 16 & 17 September.

fsonic info:                    Drew Hemment                            
                                16 West St, Lancaster, LA1 4UJ, UK              
                                fsonic@lancaster.ac.uk   (0)1524 382292 
web site contributions to:      haywire@thelabs.demon.co.uk
thinking alien info:            alien@lancaster.ac.uk
  <<<<< the fsonic web site is produced by haywire and tangent >>>>>

-- london

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