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Re: nettime: CDA/Barlow

At 1:07 PM -0600 7/1/96, Andreas Broeckmann wrote:
>even Barlow himself indicated that it
>might be untenable in its present form.

I'm not sure I said that. I did admit that I might have said it better. But
I will stick with the fundamental premise of the Declaration, a premise
supported by the Judges in Philadelphia: No single existing world
government has the right, the authority, or the ability to stifle the Great
Conversation of Cyberspace.

>Both statements, the CDA and the
>Declaration, seem to have neglected very important aspects of the reality
>of global network communication, its nature, its diversity, and its

Of the various insults I've endured over this, Andreas, I'd have to say
that comparing my Declaration with the CDA is about the nastiest. Kindly
illuminate how I neglected the reality of global network communication.


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