Josephine Bosma on Tue, 5 Aug 1997 18:35:46 +0200 (MET DST)

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Re: <nettime> net.<foo>

I had a big fat smile on my face reading Alans mail. It was about to
happen, this attack on the .dot, or . or dot. As some of my friends
know, I love the dot. I use it a lot. I see no restriction in it
whatsoever, no barrier or limits. Quite the opposite.

The dot represents what words cannot say what is different about
working in this new environment, while being connected to the so
called real world and its history. To me the dot is almost poetic
in its release of energy (in this new age times not a wise word to
use, I know) and like the language of poetry and the attempts of
writers like Irigaray it adds sounds that are unheard, it does not

Dot.fear comes from irritation, and it seems to me the same kind of
irritation that people have with the word cyber (I collect objects
with that word on it, the popular kitsch approach of future visions
on streetwear and such, great stuff), or with all those stupid masses
entering the net and spamming it. Removing the dot, like some critics
persistingly do when writing about, is like denying history.
It is falsification.


ps: one of the best uses of the dot lately is this one:   girl.friend
this is something completely other then girlfriend, and eventhough
the dot in this case does stand for personal restrictions or barriers
it does widen the meaning of the word to fit what it means in net.relations
some of you might get the drift.

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