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nettime-nl: "latest Dutch Internet developments" (fwd)

reposted met permissie....
sorry for the english...

----- Forwarded message from John Gilmore -----

Subject: "latest Dutch Internet developments"
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 16:23:07 -0800
From: John Gilmore <>

These guys are clueless enough that 95% of their message was a
"winmail.dat" appendage (I performed a winmailectomy for your reading
pleasure).  But I thought you might be interested in discussing their
conclusions anyway.


From: "Corina Bulk" <>
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 17:29:43 +0200

Dear Sir/Madam,

Pro Active International likes to inform you about the Dutch Internet
developments. That is why we send you herewith the press release from the
latest National Internet Monitor.

If you have questions about the National Internet Monitor, you can always
contact Liesbeth Hop at


Corina Bulk


Dutch National Internet Monitor™
Third quarter of 1999

Fourth Dutch National Internet Monitor™
from Pro Active International:
'This year 2.8 billion purchases via E-Commerce'

Dutch Internet users (2.7 million) will spend approximately 2.8 billion
guilders via the Internet this year. This is an increase of more than 250%
over last year. Business purchases rose from 450 million to 2.05 billion.
Private purchases rose from 350 million to 750 million.

E-Commerce Revenue development
Business purchases increased more then 4 times compared to last year. This
is because the average amount spent per purchase has doubled (from 350
guilders to more than 600 guilders) and because the number of purchases has
more than doubled. The number of private purchases has also grown, while the
average amount spent per purchase is 160 guilders. Below is the estimate of
E-Commerce revenue from 1998 and 1999.

[[ Opslag van MAPI 1.0 : 3884 in winmail.dat ]]

Category of purchase

[[ Opslag van MAPI 1.0 : 3885 in winmail.dat ]]

The category hardware shows the fastest increase. 40% of the purchases fall
into this category (800 million guilders). More than half of the purchases
is done in the Netherlands. 40% of these purchases are paid by creditcard.

E-Commerce increase
All data from the fourth Dutch National Internet Monitor™ indicate a strong
increase of E-Commerce in the Netherlands. Of the people who have been
online before 1997, 60% say to have already made a purchase through the
Internet. Of the people who have been online since 1999, only 18% have
bought something online. Those who have already bought already through the
Internet purchase more often. Combined with the increase of Internet users
(about 1 million per year) an estimate of
E-Commerce revenue can be made. The estimation is that E-Commerce revenue in
the Netherlands will pass 20 billion guilders in 2002, with 80% from
business purchases.

Demographics and Internet behaviour
Even though Internet users differ somewhat from the Dutch population there
is a gradual shift to the average. At this time, 27% of Internet users is
female. The number of elderly people online increased (9% is 55 years or
older). Internet use in lower income categories has increased, even though
44% of the higher income categories has been online in the past two weeks,
and only 15% of the average income categories has been online in the past
two weeks.

Internet users go online on average 6.6 times in 14 days. This is an
increase of 0.6 times in 1 year. The average time online has also increased
(from 31 to 32 minutes). The average total number of hours spent online is 4
million, compared to 2.2 million one year ago.

The rise of free Internet
When we take into account the rise of free Internet in the Netherlands, the
following numbers are interesting: 17% of the respondents (400,000 people)
will change their Internet provider in the coming 6 months and 12% (250,000
people) expect to take an extra provider. It is interesting to know that 44%
of the Internet users has the providers' page as a startup page.

Ways of Internet use
The research gives a strong insight in the ways Internet is being used. Of
the people who use the World Wide Web for private purposes, 85% uses
Internet for e-mail, 62% to search for information, 61% to surf randomly,
57% to download and 50% to read news. For business purposes, the results are
as follows: 75% e-mail, 62% to search for information, 39% to download, 38%
to read news and 32% to request information or quotes.

For private purposes, 53% visit computer, Internet and IT sites. 30%
mentions news, financial, travel, entertainment and music sites. For
business purposes computer, Internet and IT sites scores the most (35%),
followed by news sites (25%). Financial and educational sites are mentioned
by 17% of the respondents.

Half of the Internet users have Real Audio installed on their computer, 25%
has the Flash plug-in installed. 38% of the Internet users say that they
have clicked on one or more advertisements during the research period of 14
days. 42% of men click on online advertisements against 25% of the women.

10% of Dutch Internet users have the option "accept cookies" turned off in
their browsers. 8% of the Internet users dislike online advertising.  The
majority find online advertising "annoying but acceptable" (69%).

52% of the Internet users watch less television because of Internet use, 24%
listen to the radio less, 14% read the newspaper less and also 14% sleep
less. Going out and being with friends and acquaintances is rarely mentioned
as an activity being done less due to Internet use.

The bi-annual research "the National Internet Monitor™" of the Amsterdam
based online market research firm Pro Active International was conducted for
the fourth time in September. Three thousand Dutch people were interviewed
by phone and nearly 19,000 people online on more than 50 Dutch sites. Among
these sites are De Telegraaf, PCM Uitgevers, VNU, Planet Internet, World
Online, AEX, Lycos, de Telefoongids, de Gouden Gids, de Ster and the HMG
broadcast group. The size and scope of this study, combined with results
based on more than 4,500 Internet purchases enables Pro Active to provide an
accurate view of Internet use and online shopping trends in the Netherlands.

end of pressrelease

For more questions about this press release you can get in touch with
Liesbeth Hop, phone 0031 20-5040300, e-mail If you would
like to know more about the services of Pro Active International, please
take a look at our website,

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